The Mind Process

How It Works
  1. I have learned that by cultivating healthy habits through our own willingness to change leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.
    I can support you in developing your mind to want to be a healthier and happier you!
    through combining Martial Arts, Fitness, Yoga and Mindfulness, I am able to guide you to becoming the best you can be! .
  2. Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change and you will continue to move on in order to reach your goals
  3. Are you ready to start your internal journey in order to achieve the life you deserve

Strengthening the Mind

Design your own Life Style

One of my clients back in London who was a Professor of Psychology suggested finding out more about coaching and mentoring as I was doing it intuitively in my Managerial Role in the Health Club as well as in my Personal Training sessions. After some research I found the Coaching Academy London-UK, Prof.Dr.Kaweh Vienna, Trinergy Austria

I had the pleasure of meeting and being taught by amazing Coaches and studied for many years and still am…cause the more you learn the more you figure how much more there is to learn…

Coaching can and will support you to find courage, patience and determination as the tools needed in order to succeed.
Peace and happiness are the key to a wealthy life style. We need to pursue realistic and economic goals – this is what I believe in and have witnessed not only with clients but also with friends and people around me.


I realised that it sounds so easy and yet it is such a discipline... need to practise in order to be able to tune into your body and mind. But I figured if I am able to do it everyone can do it, while I was teaching my first lessons,I realised that most of my clients have it easier and they just love the guidance and the relaxation. I remember being a loud and bubbly person but I was not really in control of my emotions, anger or my temper. One of my biggest challenges was to sit still, not speak and not think…seriously at the beginning I could only manage a few minutes staying calm without thinking anything! I learned how to empower each cell with the flow of oxygen awakening and nurturing every organ in the body in order to have complete health. While I was observing the breath taking in a proper posture it taught me and later my clients to be present.

Sivananda Yoga, Tai-Chi, Shaoling – Kung- Fu, Pilates Mattwork, and Hatha Yoga taught me that through breathing properly you experience “Prana” or “Chi” a kind of life force which will energise your entire body. Once we learn the right methods and feel comfortable breathing in deeply, relaxing and then breathing out completely we will feel at peace by just being our relaxed self.

Feel the inner power

Being in search of my true self, my mission and peace in mind and understanding emptiness I had the pleasure of travelling in Asia, America, Australia and Europe learning different styles of meditation such as Diamond way Buddhism, Osho’s, Amma’s and Sai Baba’s Ashram, Usui Reiki, Sri Chin moy, Vipassana and others.

This made me realise that our minds are so powerful that if not relaxed and at peace causes harm to our overall health. Empowering it and being clear about the happenings in our lives allows us to make sensible decisions based on our true life path. I learned to calm my thoughts and empty my mind so nothing is there to bother me. Allowing the mind to rest creates a light and path to see the world more clearly and to become in touch with our own senses. I had the pleasure to witness and guide many of my clients through these procedures successfully.

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