How I Became A Life Coach

My Story

I was born in Hamburg, Germany and  had a multicultural upbringing, experiences in different countries and cultures. That made me fluent in German, English and Farsi.

I have international professional and educational experience in Germany, USA, Australia, UK, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Austria.

I am passionate about people and their development. I figured combining skills I have learned brings out the best outcome within myself and others over the last decades I have been learning, training and teaching Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Management, Coaching, and Communication skills. I love to pass on combined skills learned this made a big impact on me and in the meanwhile on others too…

“Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace and than everything will fall into place.”

…this is exactly the story and journey of my life how to learn to use the “Body & Mind awareness” in oder to keep me balanced and  find my peace so things can fall into place!

I figured that allowing the mind to rest creates a light and path to see the world more clearly and to become in touch with our own senses. And that allowing the body to perform at his best creates vitality and prevents illness and it enables us to stay vital physically and mentally. This combination takes us to a more balanced and peaceful life.

Natascha Germane

My Passion

I am a highly motivated and ambitious individual who has a passion for developing results and leading people by example. My goal is to raise awareness and performance in each individual as well as staBearbeiten - Originalff management, projects, attributes and behaviours.

“And I understand the state of mind where you don’t have the strength to carry on with life.” After having a troubled childhood and a rough teenage time, I had the fortune of meeting and searching for some fantastic mentors/leaders who have inspired me to raise my own performance and awareness in Body and Mind. My well-developed communication skills complement strong project and relationship management capabilities, and a ‘can-do’ attitude!

And I love doing what I do…:)

I’m a Certified Coach

My Certificates
Languages: English, German
Diploma Course in Mediation
MBA specialised in Coaching and Training (expected 2026)
ISO Certified Business Coach & Trainer, Life and Social Counselor
Certified NLP master and mentor, certified Yoga teacher, certified Reiki master
Certified Fitness and Aerobic trainer, certified Body & Mind teacher

My professional career

Holistic Life & Health Coach / Trainer

Since 2018 personality and personal development for individuals, employees and companies

  • Body, Mind & Soul, guided meditation and relaxation exercises
  • Combining Body and Mind Skills in order to achieve harmony in life
  • Implementation of tools and methods – Balance Life/ Work-Life Balance, and mindful goal setting
  • Social and communication skills training and Conflict management/ Empowerment training
  • Planning individual opportunities in the original job or exploring new opportunities to take up other jobs
Consultant and Trainer

09/2015 ongoing  – ABZ* Austria Wien, NGO Organisation, kompetent für Frauen und Wirtschaft

  • ABZ* Women’s Profession Center Vienna
  • CORE competence for asylum seekers integration
  • Trade for Migrants Work and Education
  • Abz* Competence check for professional integration (Winner of the United Nations Public Service Award 2019)
Regional Manager – Deputy Managing Director

06/2014–03/2016 – Bodystreet EMS Training Vienna
With EMS full-body training in the Bodystreet fitness studios, over 90% of the muscle fibers are contracted at the same time.

  • Responsible and in charge of 4 studios in Vienna
  • Rebuilt the staff and the working attitude.
  • Successfully recruited, trained and developed a team of over 20 personal trainers and 4 studio managers, Complain, payment and collection management
General Manager, Vienna

11/2011–08/2012 – Holmes Place Premium Fitness & Wellness Vienna

  • Recruited from London to take on Vienna’s most challenging club I was highly motivated and dedicated to making an impact from the offset.
  • Responsible for 60 employees including 8 managers and the smooth management and maintenance of the club in all areas
General Manager, London

05/2009–11/2011 – Bannatyne Health Club & Spa, Westminster, London

  • Manager at the largest independently owned health club operator in the UK
  • Ability to hire, motivate and develop my own team.
  • Responsible for 35 employees including 4 managers and the smooth management and maintenance of the club in all areas
Personal Trainer/Coach and Groupfitness

02/2000 ongoing – DE, UK, AT

  • Body, Mind & Soul, guided meditation and relaxation
  • Hold fitness classes in Kickbox Workout, Core Ball Stability, Power Workout, Yoga Strength & Relaxation and Modern Oriental Belly Dance
Service Manager, Hamburg

11/1999–12/2002 – Schach-Café

  • Successfully recruited and trained the staff and the working attitude
  • Processed new orders and tracked inventory

My education and training

Mind Educations & Qualifications
  • 01/2022 to date: MBA Specialised in Coaching & Training ASAS Distance Learning Online FH, Burgenland
  • 01/2017–05/2022: Diploma Course in Mediation, “Trinergy” Academy, Vienna
  • 02/2019–02/2021: Economics and Business Studies, University Entrance Examination, Vienna
  • 09/2018–09/2021: Graduate “Trinergy” Awareness Business Coach, Vienna
  • 02/2019–04/2019: Gender Training and Diversity Training, ABZ Austria, Vienna
  • 03/2019–03/2019: Anti-Semitism and Radicalisation Prevention, Vienna
  • 09/2013–11/2017: NLP Master, Trainer, Mentor, Mental Coach, Dr. Braun, Vienna
  • 04/2017–05/2017: Competence work in counselling and training, Vienna
  • 11/2016–11/2016: Trauma Workshop: Dealing with traumatised people in counselling and training, Vienna
  • 08/2012–08/2015: Life and social counsellor, Business Coach and BusinessTrainer Iso certified, training with Dr. Kaweh, Vienna
  • 04/2011–04/2014: Coaching presence and distance learning Coaching, Academy, London
  • 06/2012–08/2012: Coaching Academy NLP Practitioner Licence, London
  • 05/1996–01/2002: Meditation training and initiations, Diamond Way Lama Ole, Powa, Vipassana, disciple of the Dalai Lama, Osho and Sri Chinmoy, International
  • 06/1999–11/2001: The Radiance Technique, Reiki Master and Teacher, Hamburg
  • 01/1997–04/1998: Technical School for Design, Hamburg
  • 01/1996–04/1997: Technical School HTK Graphic & Design, Hamburg
Body, Fitness & Soul Qualifications:
  • 11/2014–11/2014: Body Street Instructor, Method- Body analysis, Munich
  • 10/2005–10/2006: Advanced Instructor Level 3 Yoga, Aerobic und Gym, London
  • 03/1994–11/2006: Dacascos Martial Arts, Kung-Fu, Kickboxen und Thai Chi, Germany USA
  • 06/2005–06/2005: Body & Mind Balance Trainer, Hamburg
  • 03/2005–04/2005: Certificate of Achievement in Ayurvedic Massage Goa/India
  • 03/2003–03/2003: Relaxation Coach, Deutscher Sport Studio Verband, Hamburg
  • 01/2003–02/2003: Yoga Teacher training Award, Neyyar Dam/India
  • 04/2003–07/2003: Thai Traditional Medical School: Certificate of Achievement, Thai Traditional Thai and Foot Massage and Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy, Bangkok/Thailand
  • 11/2001–01/2002: Certificate of Achievement in Ayurvedic Massage, Goa/India
  • 04/2000–05/2001: Kara-T-Robics und Kick Fit Seminars, Hamburg/Germany
  • 11/2001–11/2001: Diploma, Licensed Thai Yoga Trainer, Witten
  • 04/2001–04/2001: Pilates Basics, Meridian Akademie, Hamburg/Germany
  • 03/2001–04/2001: Fitnesstrainer Diploma Meridian Akademie Hamburg/Germany
  • 01/2000-04/2000: Aerobic Diplom,  DSSV, Hamburg/Germany
  • 11/1999–11/1999: Diploma, Licensed Thairobic Trainer, Bremen/Germany
Achievements, international experience and knowledge
  • Training experience of over 25 years in selected styles of martial arts, fitness, yoga and meditation
  • International professional and educational experiences in Germany, USA, Australia, UK, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Austria
  • European Kickboxing Tournament, 2nd place 1998/International Martial Arts Tournament USA Portland Oregon, 2nd Place 1999 Kata and 3rd in Fighting
  • Magic Art Natascha Germane, 28 years of experience as a Painter and Artist with several Art exhibitions in Hamburg, London and Vienna