The Body Process

How It Works
    Lack of time and not knowing what type of exercise to do,
    are the two main reasons people give for not exercising
    This is why many people hire a personal coach!

    They need an Expert tell them how to achieve their goals.
    And how to do it in the most time-efficient manner possible.

    If your goal is to improve your overall fitness level…
    Strength, flexibility and cardiovascular are the main categories of fitness…

  2. compound exercises that feature multijoint movements can be extremely effective cause they involve more than a single muscle group
    learning how to use compound movements can save you a lot of time spending in the gym and helps your daily time management
    Here are three benefits of compound exercises

    1. Compound exercises burn more calories.
    2. Compound exercises elevate the heart rate and provide a cardiovascular training benefit.
    3. Compound exercises improve movement efficiency..

  3. Book your Fitness Coaching session every day is a good day to do some exercise tailored to your wants and needs, start today!

Personal Training

Strength & Coordination

With controlled movements using a combination of the core ball, free weights and Thera bands you are able to work your entire body and ensure that your posture is right.

Focused core muscle workouts improve not only your physical fitness but will create a path to happiness in all areas of your life as a healthy and active body ensures a healthy and active mind.

After having an injury in both knees I was left with not being able to walk without pain, so I needed to re-evaluate my life and routine. Soon I found myself in various Fitness educations to find out how to get myself back to where I was and to figure what had happened and why?

I managed to rehabilitate myself step by step and not to have any operations on my knees and hip as some Dr’s suggested. I learned that by improving strength, coordination and cardio prevents injuries and through high repetition and compound exercises you become stronger and more stable and all this experience allowed me to pass it on to my clients and give them a step by step program encompassing the benefit of all those exercises and methods too.


Shivananda, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga

The Five Points of Yoga: Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing, Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet, Positive Thinking and Meditation
Practicing yoga relaxes the body and helps the mind to focus and manage different thought processes my clients have always given me feedback that it works! Some of the postures are quite challenging especially when remaining calm, relaxing and breathing at the same time.
However, after a while practising it does improves mobilisation and flexibility and it ensures that all of life’s daily tasks are completed with ease. So, at the end it pays off and the benefit is a more powerful you!
One of my most precious experience was in the yoga ashrams in India 2002, the whole culture, atmosphere and depths I was surrounded by made a big impact on me. Since I have been practising yoga I figured that balancing body & mind means indecisiveness, anger and anxiety become a thing of the past and this is also the feedback I am getting from my participants in class or on a One 2 One basis.

Power & Confidence

Muai-Thai, Kick Boxing, Kung-Fu, and Tai-Chi

Kick box training allows you to become aware of both your physical and mental power. With the right posture and breathing you become in touch with your inner self, aware of your emotions and focused on the present. Many of my clients have benefited from compound and combat exercises and managed their anger and frustration through various techniques in order to have a more balanced and calmer lifestyle. I started in my early twenties with Muai –Thai in order to manage my anger and temper I was not in control of! I did enjoy the training, however being the only girl and having to fight, full contact with the guys, left me with bruises all over my arms and legs. I despised my face as I was learning to defend, which I had to cover up by make up while working as an Assistant Manager and Waitress in a restaurant. Some of the guests thought I was being beaten up at home or in my relationship…it got me some good tips sometimes out of pity I guess. So I decided to move on to a less violent Martial Arts and started Kick Boxing and Kung Fu where I enjoyed the Art of fighting and the culture behind it as well as the tournaments and competitions.

It helped me and later my clients to free their mind and overcome barriers mentally and physically by improving coordination, strength, balance and confidence and pushed them out of their comfort zone.

Later I combined it with Meditation which allowed me and my clients to strengthen our inner power. What I love most about this training with clients is guiding them out of their comfort zone and supporting them in finding their own powers.

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