Andrew Jenkins

I have known Natascha Germane for a number of years now and have worked with her professionally as she journeyed toward building her own mind and body coaching business and putting all the building blocks in place. Natascha has vast experience of the health and fitness world at an international level. Her diverse past experience is a credit to her and has proven herself in many varied work based and life situations. Natascha comes with a rich background of cultural experience and is a highly engaging, tenacious and endearing lady with a sharp emotional intellect. She speaks several languages and is highly knowledgable and experienced about working with different cultures. I am delighted that Natascha has now drawn her many work based experiences, health and fitness skills and knowledge together in this new and exciting venture. Knowing Natascha as a successful and powerful women and her immense passion and warmth that she will be of great benefit to clients moving forward. So what are you waiting for… Hire her now! Natascha is a vibrant and exciting women to be around, her internal resilience and strength are a tremendious asset to her and others that she works with.

She somehow blends this beautifully with her natural character of charm and vulnerability that counter-balances her great energy authentical